"At some point in our lives we all have experience seasons of unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships. I even walked through the overwhelming path of a divorce. “Relationship Dynamics” by Pamela Hadley is like a Compass that points to the right direction with revelation of the principles of the Word of God, to give us Hope in this complex and challenging journey of relationships. Most of us did not grow up with a model of a healthy relationship, we just made adjustments based on our past experiences. 

“Relationship Dynamics” also provides us with a powerful insight about a controversial word: submission. It also provides clarity about divorce, and other functions within relationships. Let’s give God an opportunity to renew and restore our mind, heal our heart and upgrade our Relationship Dynamics among us. Doing so will allow the Holy Spirit to express through us the genuine character of Christ and be a testimony that glorifies the name of JESUS!"

       ~E.F. - Hayward California 

“This book is awesome! 

As I embark on my journey towards marriage (I’m currently engaged), I found this book to be timely and much needed in my life. It has reassured me that the seeds I have been planting in my preparation for marriage will eventually return to me a full and bountiful harvest as I walk in the Lord’s will for my life as an individual and as a wife. As a “millennial” I value what this book offers at it gives sound, practical, and easy to understand biblical concepts for marriage and other relationships. This is stuff we aren’t usually taught, even though it should be. So many marriages and soon to be marriages can be saved and benefit from this book. So much wisdom in this!”

       ~ C.C. Sacramento California 

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"Elegant Living on a Budget by Pamela Chea is a small, short to the point, realistic and practical book. You may already be practicing several of the tips mentioned in this book like I am, but I can assure you that “Elegant Living on a Budget” can give you the right focus and goal to upgrade and re-arranged your mindset. This new mindset will aid you in using what you are already practicing as a stepping stone to transition from “common” to “upper class” lifestyle while earning a lower class income, and not just feeling low and unfortunate of not having enough income. God desires to break you free from lack, and that requires not only sacrifices, discipline and determination, but also strategy. Most of us run away from budgeting, but this book gives us a wake-up advice that “Budgeting put us in a position to be lenders rather than borrowers” and that is powerful."

"I encourage you to read this handbook and make the decision to be transformed and see the hope that one day you can walk in true wealth for God’s glory and blessing to others and the Kingdom of God on this Earth."

       ~E.F. - Hayward California